Error insync conect

  • my insync connects to my google account but it is only “Connecting to Insync …” linux mint 19
  • it also does not appear in the bar, when it restarts the system it appears but some
    Can someone help me?


Hi Denis,

Can I suggest you to give a little more information on the issue? For example, when or where exactly is shown the “Connecting to Insync” message?

For your second point, is it possible that the sentence is incomplete? Are you saying that the icons appears for some time after login in to your session then disapears?

I’m pretty sure someone will have a clue afterward! :slight_smile:



when I add my gmail account in the application it opens the browser directly on the login page but when I give login permission the message “Connecting to Insync …”


Hi again,

Since I don’t know what troubleshooting steps you’ve made so far, I would suggest to try another browser. As you seem to say the page opens automaticaly, you can try to make another browser your default one and launch the process again. That way you would excluse all possible type of plugins or cache mishaps with your current browser.

Also, a screenshot of the error shown could help?

See you!



Hi @BodoQC – appreciate the help!! Apologies for not responding to this sooner.

@Denis_Pereira Here’s a common fix for “Connecting to Insync”:

For the icon-- did you mean that after installing Insync, you can’t see the icon anywhere?


Good night, it stays only so after it closes and does not appear the incone in the tray in linux mint 19…


Hey @Denis_Pereira!

What’s your Insync version? We just released a Mint 19 build which you can download here. :slight_smile: