Error message about Google Drive Quota exceded


I’m using version 3.7.0 of Insync client on Ubuntu 20.04. Today my client stopped syncing my files due to the absence of space in my Google Drive account. However, my Drive is not full and I can upload files manually direct to the drive. Anybody else is suffering from this issue?

A brief update about my case: I have been observed that the error message continues in my client, but the files are normally downloaded to my computer and uploaded from my computer. So, this client appears to be running correctly, but I don’t know why the error message still appears.

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Hi @Leonardo_Baptista :slight_smile:

This is a known issue that our engineers are looking into, and I have responded to your email requesting for the log files. Thank you!

Same issue in Mac osx but my google drive account is no limit…
Guys, gotta work, this error cannot stop my work, could you fix urgently?

I have responded to your email. Thank you!

I have the same problem! What is the solution???

Hi @Alexandre_Guerreiro!

We have a lead – there’s a possibility that the sharer’s Google Drive has exceeded its quota therefore affecting the shared file (and the error appearing on the sharee’s end).

Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? Please also provide a screenshot of the error as seen on the app.

Same here, Google quota is far from being over, but I started getting this error with v3.7.9.50368 on ArchLinux.

Any solution ?

Hi @kidpixo,

Could you send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post? We have a lead on this issue and would like to check if it’s related to your case.

Him thanks for the answer!
The error vanished.

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