Error syncing with OneDrive

Hello, I moved my entire photos folders and I was hopping that InSync was able to handle it. However, I got a lot of errors and messages for attention required .

First problem, there is no way to copy and paste the error. Where are the log file placed?

Unexpected error doing AddCloudODItem: 401: b'{"error":{"innerError":{"code":"expiredToken"},"code":"unauthenticated","message":"The access token has expired. It\'s valid from \'10/15/2019 12:37:39AM\' and to \'10/16/2019 12:37:39AM\'."}}'

And I have a lot of erros like this.

What is the current version you are using? Can you try updating to 3.0.23 and let me know if resolves the errors you are experiencing?

The log files are here:

I’m running elementary with bionic repository. I will try to manually update since I 'm running

I’ve found the log file, but I can’t open it.

EDIT: It seems to be the latest version already.

Any other idea?
Log file is better here or email?

Any help? I’ve been struggling and I’m afraid of loosing my data.

Hi there, so sorry for the late reply. It’s better to send it via email for privacy. Just send the logs.db file and the out.txt file.