Error with libc6 version on ElementaryOS Hera (fixed)

I have ElementaryOS Hera (based on Ubuntu 20.04)
I’ve updated/upgraded everything, but I’m getting an error related to libc6 package

I’ve manually downloaded the following deb but cannot install it

Is there any alternative?

Hi @kabeza! Let me check this with our Linux team. Could you please share the output of apt-cache policy insync and lsb_release -a?

Hi @miamoran

It was my fault. I downloaded quickly without noticing I’ve got the 21.04 version, and ElementaryOS Hera is based on Ubuntu 18.04

I’ve got the 18.04 version now and got installed perfectly

Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience

No worries at all, @kabeza! Thank you so much for the update; I’m glad to hear Insync is working as expected!