Everything is missing! help


I updated my iMac to Mohave last night, went to bed and this morning found my Insync drive just about EMPTY!!! I have lost hundreds of thousands of photos. I looked at my actual Google Drive account and in the right column see that files/folders have been deleted. I DIDN’T DO THIS!!! WTF is going on???



Hi there,

If you then look in the “trash” folder at the left side of Google Drive, you should be able to restore all the files just like a regular computer bin.

As for the deletions themselves, I can’t say. May be the insyc log files will tell you when and why a deletion occured and where it came from? Just a supposition here.

If that don’t help at all, I would suggest you emailing the insync support directly with the log files included and the most details possible.

Hope it helps!