Ex-Shared files on Google Drive - still seeing updated notifications

Hi all,

I am still seeing shared files being updated after they have been stopped being shared on Google Drive. I cant see any shared files/folders in my GDrive that would do this.

This is happening in both Windows 11 and Linux (Ubuntu23.10).

Any ideas or pointers on where to look next would be appreciated.



Are you sure that the files you mention are not visible on “Shared with Me” view under Google Drive web interface?

InSync cannot access anything that you don’t have access to. Also, please remember that you cannot remove yourself from “Shared Drives” shared by enterprise customers. They need to remove you explicitly from them, and they’re always visible under “Shared with Me” view.

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Thanks for your reply. I definitely don’t have anything showing from my main GDrive. I have used the file before and although they believe I don’t have access to the area, they may need to check the specific file. I will ask again.



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