Existing files wrongly uploaded


I’ve recently installed Insync with a trial license on Fedora 29.

I have manually copied my google drive directory over from a local copy. I’m doing this because downloading all my files from Google would use up too much of my internet data quota.

For a first sync, I pointed Insync to the copied folder, and it looks like it’s queuing everything for upload. Once insync started working through the queue, I saw that indeed it was re-uploading many files that are already on google drive, so I’ve paused the sync for now.

The files were copied from a mounted NTFS partition to my Fedora’s native ext4 one, so there will be at a minimum some permission differences between these files and the originals.

Any ideas on how I can get insync to accept that my local files are indeed the same as the ones on google drive?


It seems to me Insync really isn’t very keen to acquire customers. I get a bunch of reminder emails about my trial expiration date, but nothing to actually get it working, despite submitting logs etc to support.

I’m quite happy to pay for software, but there’s little point if there’s no support provided when it doesn’t work.