Expose some HttpError messages to users


When Insync encounters unhandled erros, it just displays a red cross, and says “can’t process xxx”, which isn’t very useful for users.

Sometimes, the error message from the relevant HttpError instance is actually useful for the user.
For example, I just got an error in Insync as it failed to download a file in a publicly shared folder (owned by someone else). Insync didn’t tell me exactly what the problem was, but on the web interface, I could see the error message that this file has exceeded its download limit. I can see the same error message when I use the public API from python myself.
It’d be nice if Insync can also show users such error messages, so users may have a clue.


Hey @Hawk,

This is great feedback. Let me take note and raise this to the team. :slight_smile: Many thanks for being such a huge help on our Forums community, by the way!