External Hard Drive swap reuploads some folders

Hi, I got a 2TB external SSD that I use to sync my Google Drive account. I got a iMac and a Macbook and with Insync installed on both. When I connect my SSD to my Macbook, it start uploading duplicates folders and adding (2) to them for no reason. Is that a known bug? What can I do because it is really messing all my folders and files right now :open_mouth:

Thanks you!

Hey @Lithium!

My apologies for the trouble. Would you happen to recall if the SSD files had the same or different timestamps (or versions) to the ones on the cloud? Please also send your logs to support@insynchq.com and include the following files in the folder:

  • Example of a directory that got duplicated
  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • “data” folder
  • “live” folder

If these are too big for an attachment, feel free to send us a link so we can download these.