Extremely unreliable "Ignore Rules", starts deleting previously ignored files


  • Insync v3.8.6
  • Linux Fedora 38
  • Google Drive and OneDrive

I had the initial sync successful with some “Ignore Rules” on OneDrive. Insync showed the ignored folders correctly as not synced (ignored).

Then I rebooted the laptop and Insync started to sync and delete all local files that where previously covered by the ignore rules! Crazy shit, really! This really should not happen or Insync is completely useless!

Insync seems to have big troubles with many synced files. Every click I do takes several seconds or minutes to complete and show something. E.g. I click on OneDrive Account Settings to see the ignore rules and it takes up to multiple minutes to show the Ignore Rules. First it shows nothing at all then it shows the empty ignore rules, then it finally shows the real ignore rules. Same behavior on the folder view. How should I use Insync with 1TB of OneDrive?

Insync should never, never, never sync without reading first the Ignore Rules!!! This can’t be that hard to implement, right?

Hi @sasa786!

I have received your email regarding the same issue at hand. I raised a few questions in the email to start our investigation regarding this bug.

Thank you!