Fail less quietly (notifications upon unexpected quit)

I’ll preface this by saying that I know this is probably a huge lift and something that not everyone may want out of Insync. Nonetheless:

I wish Insync, which generally works smoothly and doesn’t require much attention or thought, but which also does fail from time to time, would fail less quietly. As it is now, I don’t think to check whether it’s syncing very often, and so I sometimes get into a situation where I realize it hasn’t been syncing, and I don’t have access to an important file in the cloud. (Last night, I had to go back to my office, almost a two hour round trip, to upload a file I needed to work on from home. Very frustrating.)

I wish that I could receive a message or notification when Insync quit unexpectedly, so that I know to restart it.

I realize that this may be a daunting technical task - I’m (very obviously) not a developer, so I have no idea exactly what it would entail, but I suspect it might require background processes / “helper” programs to run and watch over it. Still, I think that this would be a huge improvement to the usefulness of the program, and I urge others to tell Insync if they agree. Thanks!

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Noted. This is a good consideration for future versions @jimperio

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Thank you for the suggestion @btroy ! We’ll definitely consider this (especially if it’s not too technically challenging to implement).

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Thanks, @jaduenas and @jimperio ! I appreciate the acknowledgment of the idea, and I’ve got realistic expectations for its implementation …

Also an old thread, but it just happened to me today. Either InSync quit silently or it didn’t start automatically after a restart. And it made me wonder, how long weren’t my project files being backed up… only today, or the whole week…

@Gabriel_Csefalvay Sorry for the trouble! Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt to with the link to this post? Here’s how to find those files:

Thank you!