[FALSE ALARM] Excessive CPU usage when idle, comparable to Google Chrome's

I have noticed that insync seems to use too much CPU, even when idle, as right now, almost the same as my currently running Google Chrome instance

There’s no syncing activity right now, so this CPU usage appears excessive.

I’m running insync version over Xubuntu 14.10.

Please let me know how I can assist debugging this further.

@marcelpaulo We are aware of this issue. Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to support@insynchq.com. Please also include the link of this post.

I have cc’d our Linux engineer @lpugoy.

Thank you. :smile:

@marcelpaulo Is the CPU usage constant while Insync is idle or does it only happen every so often? Also, what is the color of the tray icon during this time?

I stumbled across insync’s CPU usage accidentally when I was looking at something else, but I’ll monitor it every, let’s say, 15 min, and report back here.

EDIT: Do you reckon that’s a good sampling interval ? I’m thinking of using pidstat: would you have another suggestion ?

I’d risk to say it’s consistently green, like this:

but I’ll watch it more intently while I monitor the CPU. I’ve only seen the tray icon change color when files are being uploaded and when there’s a pending notification, like when someone updated a shared file (this is great !).

I should say: insync is really really great, I’m happy I decided to go for it ! To think that I struggled so much with grive, and didn’t get any feedback at all from the developers about the serious problems I bumped into. This file syncing arena is pretty arid for Linux. For P2P file syncing, I’m using syncthing and is fabulous, both software and development team.

I left pidstat sampling CPU usage every minute from midday up to now, you can see the results here.

It was a false alarm: glancing at the figures, without doing any math, I reckon CPU usage stayed around 0.5% when insync was idle, with occasional peaks, of course, when there was syncing to do. That was very very far from Google Chrome’s CPU usage !

I’ll edit the title of this topic to reflect that. Thanks for your patience !