Fast changing file not syncing - RaspberryPi


Using insync-portable ver 1.3.17 on a raspberry Pi armv71 and trying to sync a log file that is being updated every 5 seconds. It appears that this file never gets synced unless I suspend the logging. When I check with get_sync_progress the file shows eg 25% then 50% and then back to 25% or 0%. Is there a way around this? I note that it doesn’t happen on my Ubuntu desktop, only on the Pi.


Hi @icenov,

Sorry for not replying sooner. Could you send the following to please?

  • log files
  • “dbs” folder - located in the same folder as your logs.db file. Create a copy, compress, then send. You can upload the file’s too large
  • File path of the constantly updated log file



Hi - did you manage to find out why this file isn’t being synced? I did email the log files and paths some time ago.