Faster synchronize large amounts of data ?

I have been using insync for a long time and use it to synchronize with the local files.
Every time a new PC is added or I replace one, I download the entire cloud from Google via insync.

In the meantime, the data volume has become quite large and it takes a long time to download.
Would it be possible to upload the cloud files locally to the new PC with an external hard drive?
So that only a comparison, whether everything is identical, should take place between Google Cloud and local files when connecting?
That would save a lot of time.

Hi! If you want some cloud files to be synced to an external drive, you can do so by clicking “Sync” beside that file on the app. A drop-down menu will appear and you will select “Inside folder or drive”. A pop-up will show and you will select your external drive location. That way, this file syncs to your external folder.

Let me know if that works for you.