Fatal error on startup ... python applications cannot


MacOS 10.14.x. The last several times I started up the system from power-up I got an error message: “Insync has encountered a fatal error, and will now terminate” with details below: “Python applications can not currently run from paths containing a ‘/’ (or”:" from the Terminal). I’m offered two options “Open Console” or “Terminate”. Neither helps me; Insync has clearly failed to launch.

Workaround: Double-click on MacHD/Applications/Insync.app results in normal startup and operation. Easy, but should not be necessary

Question: Is there a way of fixing the normal start-up launch of Insync to avoid this annoying extra step?




Hi @Henry,

Can you give us the exact version of your MacOS? :slight_smile:


The problem showed up when I rebooted to finalize the installation of MacOS 10.14.4. But the same problem occurred --I am certain-- with 10.14.3, and possibly earlier, too.