Fedora 34 release is imminent

Please start a Fedora 34 repository, so we can update and test F34 against insync, before most users migrate to F34 after 27th of April.

➜  ~ cat /etc/yum.repos.d/insync.repo 
name=insync repo

There you go :slight_smile: This will first try the repository for whichever Fedora version you are currently running, and fall back to the one for Fedora 33 if it doesn´t exist.
There is unlikely to be a difference between the package for Fedora 33 and the one for Fedora 34, so you wouldn´t lose out on anything. But doing this will allow you to use the Fedora 33 repository, and automatically be switched to the Fedora 34 one whenever it becomes available.

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I’m on Fedora 34 (beta) right now and Insync (installed according to previous instructions) is not starting (no application/icon and no sync).

Version installed is latest: insync-

Here’s the error message in dmsg:

traps: insync[5846] trap int3 ip:7f11ab556095 sp:7ffcc9d2fea0 error:0 in libglib-2.0.so.0[7f11ab51b000+82000]