Fedora 37 - October 25 No repo

Fedora 37 will be released on Tuesday, October 25 and it needs to have a repository created, otherwise people are going to be getting errors on their updates. This happens every Fedora release, there is always a lag of weeks to get this fixed. Can we get a bit ahead of the curve on this going forward?

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No, Fedora Linux 37 will not be released 10/25, as has been decided Thursday already. The current target date is 11/01, and again, there has been no decision yet to release on that date either. That is the topic for the next Go/No-Go meeting.

That being said: Since we are in freeze it still would be good time (and has been for a while now) to have the insync repo for Fedora 37 up and running so that users can test insync easily with the release candidates, and so that everything works at release time.

Yes, I see that it was delayed. I had seen earlier that it had been approved, but apparently the blockers weren’t fixed. In any event, it’s a simple thing to enable the F37 repo for testing and actually the insync folks should have it up during the Beta stage. It’s not a difficult thing to do - and as I said, in the past after the official release date, there would be a delay to get this done.

Hey all! Our engineer has this lined up on his priority list :slight_smile: I will update this thread once I get confirmation that Fedora 37 is already available in our downloads page + repositories. Thank you very much!


Hi Mia, any update on this and kde integration? fedora 37 has been out for a while now and is still not available

Will follow it up, thank you for bumping this thread @matkeith!

@matkeith Hi! Our engineer has added Fedora 37 to our repository. Thank you!

Looks like it works to me. Thank you =)

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You are very welcome :slight_smile: