Fedora 39 is near [YUM repo updated!]

This is your biyearly friendly reminder that the next release of Fedora Linux is near:
Fedora 39 is in freeze, people are testing upgrades from 38 to 39 and discover that there is no insync repo for Fedora 39.

The insync client rpm for Fedora 38 should work unchanged (due to its bundling), it just needs be put in a new repo directory.

(A users’ workaround for now is to edit your local repo definition to say 38 instead of $releasever.)


Yes, it’s really annoying that we always have to remind them. Though they noticed that there is a beta for Ubuntu 23.10 and they have a version for that ready.

Hello and thank you for posting to remind us about the upcoming releases! We apologize for the inconvenience and rest assured that I am going to follow up on this with the Linux Team.

We appreciate your continued trust and support!


Our Fedora 39 build is now up here. You can now also update your repo to use our Fedora 39 repo


Thanks, I can confirm it works (update) and works (sync), even before the release of Fedora 39, Yeah :kissing_heart:

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