Fedora Linux Feedback

I have just bought and installed InSync as part of my migration away from Dropbox to OneDrive.

I am using Fedora 31 with KDE Plasma. The icon appears in the tray which is excellent and I also like the fact you support a proper RPM repository so I can set it up with Ansible scripts.

Onto the feedback in order of priority:

  • Clicking on the tray icon makes the program appear but clicking on it again does not minimise it. This isn’t following the same workflow as other tray based programs (both KDE native e.g. Konversation and non-native such as KeePassXC). Would it be possible to add this as an enhancement?

  • Minor - it would be nice to allow the ‘Help/Release Notes’ with the version to be copied and pasted as a convenience. Its not a blocker as I can do rpm -q insync giving insync-

And finally a question - does the program provide a tray status of ‘syncing ; x amount still to do’ ?



Hi @rnc,

Thank you for the feedback! I have forwarded this to our product team for review. If you see Insync on the programs opened (like for Windows and Mac) you do get that minimize functionality, but not for the tray icon itself. Noted as well on the copy function on the release notes! :slight_smile:

For the sync status-- we are also looking into improving this in the app. :slight_smile: