File deleted from google drive after a move (to a non sync folder)

On my computer I have sync all google drive folder except the folder ‘media’

So I have locally a folder named ‘incoming’ that is well sync with some photo in it

I connect to google drive web page, select the folder ‘incoming’ and move it to the ‘media’ folder

I expect just the folder ‘incoming’ to be delete from my computer. But the folder is delete from my workstation plus it did not appaear in the media folder

Conclusion : I have lost my file (if haven’t detect that an retrieve it from my trash)

I think this might be similar to other reported overwrite issues, however, I don’t quite understand what you’re describing.

You have 2 folders in your Google drive, ‘incoming’ and ‘media’.

On your workstation you are using insync to sync files in the ‘incoming’ folder only.

I’m a web browser you open Google drive AND using the web interface you move the ‘incoming’ folder into the ‘media’ folder.

On your workstation, insync deletes the local folder ‘incoming’.

To me this sounds like the expected behavior. What am I missing?


This is not exactly that.
On my workstation I am syncing all my google drive except the ‘media folder’

And when I move ‘incoming’ to ‘media’ from the web interface, ‘incoming’ is deleted locally and it is not existing in the ‘media’ folder if I search it from the browser

It seem that Insync detect that the folder ‘incoming’ don’t have to be sync because it has been move to a non sync folder (‘media’) and so Insync delete it locallly and unfortunality it is also deleted remotly

Hi @Alain_RUSSIER,

@kyle is correct-- if you move the ‘incoming’ folder into an unsynced folder, in this case ‘media’, the local synced copy of ‘incoming’ will be removed.

However, the copy in the web should not be deleted. If that was the case, can you let me know if this folder is located either in your computer’s Trash folder or in Google Drive?

This is the case, the copy in the web is deleted.
I have retrieve the deleted file in the Recycle Bin of my Windows 10.

Interesting. I’m still not exactly clear on your usage.

If on the local machine you move ‘incoming’ to ‘media’ I would expect the local ‘incoming’ folder to be moved to the local ‘media’ folder and the ‘incoming’ folder to be deleted from Google drive. As you are not syncing ‘media’, ‘incoming’ will not appear in the ‘media’ folder in Google drive.

If on the Google drive browser interface, you move ‘incoming’ into ‘media’ folder, I would expect the browser interface to show ‘incoming’ removed from its previous location and now in ‘media’ folder. Locally, on your machine I would expect ‘incoming’ to be deleted as insync is not aware of the ‘media’ and so it appears to insync that ‘incoming’ has been deleted. Locally ‘media’ will not show any change.

If in the browser interface, when you move ‘incoming’ into ‘media’ and the browser interface is not reflecting the move properly, this seems to me as an issue unrelated to insync unless for some weird reason insync is interacting with unsynced folders.

I move from the browser interface, so yes this normal for me that it disapear locally.
The weird thing is that it finally disapear in the browser too.
Seems to be something strange like : Insync detect that the folder need to be deleted locally so he decide to delete it , (but he delete it in the new folder (media) ) ; maybe Insync got a reference to the folder to be deleted and decide to delete it locally and remotly I don’t know

any news about my issue