File Manager integration on Lubuntu

Insync installed fine on Lubuntu but the box to add file manager integration never popped up.

@Bill_Miller That is because the script for the file manager integration checks if there’s one available for your default file manager. In Lubuntu the default file manager is PCManFM, unfortunately there is no Insync integration for it. You could try other file managers and install their respective integration instead (insync-nautilus for Nautilus, insync-thunar for Thunar, etc).

On the Linux operating system, one needs to use the sudo command to provide admin-level access. In other words, the sudo command grants admin privileges to ordinary users. This page shows how to create a new user with admin (sudo) access on both Ubuntu/Debian and CentOS/RHEL servers. Please note that the following commands will update /etc/passwd, /etc/group, and /etc/shadow files.

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What is the relevance of your post to my question?

Also, you don’t link to whatever “this page” is. This looks like a failed attempt at spam.