File not update on debian 32 bit

Hi everybody,
I’ve a problem with Insync 32 bit on my debian 32 bit. When i create a file on other pcs connected with Insync, the file is created on my debian but, if i modify the file on these pcs the file is not update on my debian system.
What’s the problem?

I’m not affiliated with InSync but I would imagine that whatever issue you are seeing may have been fixed in more recent versions of InSync. InSync 1.4.9, which you say you are using, is 3 years old and 2 major releases behind. A lot of changes would’ve gone in between 1.4.9 and 3.4.0.


I can’t use the new Insync’s version because the pc is 32 bit and Insync 1.4.9 is the last version for this architecture

I wonder why they chose to limit InSync to 64-bit x86… As far as I can tell InSync is a Python application with some mangling done to it to obfuscate its source code. It should be able to run on any of the many platforms Python supports, in theory.