File shows as synced but isn't

There are a few files like this and while that’s bad to begin with, this one really matters.
I keep my tasks and meeting notes in the file “”. It’s important that I have the latest version online, because I switch computers at work and at home.

I edit this file at least once each working day and have done so shortly before creating this ticket. The file shows ‘synced’ in Insync, but is last updated on the 13th of July in Google Drive.
You can see in the screenshot that I’ve changed it today at 19:37.

Further to this, I can see in the Insync log DB that the modified file was picked up by the app. Still, not synced.

State of local machine, GDrive, and Insync:

Insync log DB:

Hi @Chris_Matenaers,

Could you please do the following:

  1. Send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post
  2. After you’ve sent me the logs, backup the latest local copy of
  3. Then, delete the cloud copy. Afterwards, drag the backed up local copy into the sync folder so it uploads to the cloud and let me know how it goes. Essentially you’re reuploading the latest copy.