Files Deleted - Again


So, I’ve been a long time insync user, and I’m only reporting this for the sake of others. - I’ve long since passed the point of expecting either a) support or b) problems to stop - and you should also.

Four or five days ago I downloaded a half dozen files from a server, and put them in a new folder in my (local) Google Drive heirarchy. This is synced with Insync.

I checked in the app that the folder was synced. Insync had a green icon, and so did the folder. Over the next couple of days I have restarted my computer at least once, and insync itself at least once.

Two days ago I wanted to delete the folder locally, so once again checked that the icons were green, and then selected unsync. The folder was deleted from my local computer - as is expected.

Yesterday I went to re-sync the folder to grab some notes from one of the files. It synced almost immediately. Empty.

No idea what happened to the files, but I need to re-download them from the server again. This program is notoriously unreliable.


Hi @estmar,

I’m really sorry for this. Can you also let me know if Insync (and the same account) is running in a different computer?

Also, just to clarify: the folder you downloaded from your Google Drive has been emptied?

Could you let me know if that’s the case on your Drive?