Files from external hard drives deleted/moved to trash

MacBook Pro 2017 running High Sierra.

For some unknown reason, most of my files from external hard drives are being deleted. After reading another forum thread, I looked in the Trash where they must all be residing (We’re talkin’ terabytes of data). I don’t know why this happened, but I need to restore all of these directories/files to their original locations. But, under the trash/finder menu, there is no ‘Put Back’ in the menu.

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Hi @David_Fielding,

My deepest apologies for the trouble! Can you let me know if these files had copies on Google Drive/OneDrive which were also deleted?

Could you also walk me through your setup, and if the external drive was disconnected at any point while Insync was running?

I sent an email to your support yesterday, Thursday morning, but I’ve not gotten a response as of Friday a.m. My colleague Dan, did get a reply after sending to your direct email. It might be best if we do the support through email rather than forums and I’ve sent an email directly.

I’m contracted to deliver several video projects over the next few days and nearly all of the files on that 4TB drive, 5 months of video/editing content has disappeared. After reading the forum I checked the System Trash and see hundreds of files and folders, completely disorganized, that are SOME but not all of my files from the drive. I have no clear way to know what’s there and what’s not and no reliable way to restore the content to its original file structure. I’m not a systems administrator, I’m a videographer, so it’s challenging/time consuming for me to perform complicated diagnostics.

For the benefit of other users with the same issue, Here’s my setup.

MacBook Pro 2016 running High Sierra 10.13.6
connected to Blackmagic Design eGPU Pro
External drive: WD MyPassport 4TB

I use several external hard drives (WD My Passports mostly), but I’d only set up one of them to InSync. I signed up 30 days ago for the trial and made payment on Dec. 17 before the end of the trial.

It’s very possible the drive has been disconnected while InSync is running, whether intentional or unintentional. Because the drive has about 3 TB of data, most of the files never uploaded to Google Drive. My colleague recommended InSync to facilitate backup all of my external drives to Google Drive as Google’s browser and app methods were unreliable.

I need to restore all files/folders to their original locations and determine what, if any, files have been permanently deleted, which would obviously be a big problem. I do empty my System Trash regularly as a normal part of my workflow, so I don’t know what may have been deleted from InSync activity.


I attempted several times to contact you through your support email prior to the Xmas holidays and received only cursory responses with apologies and no way to resolve this issue. And now, you’re on holiday break for the next 10 days? Great. I needed this resolved before the break. I’m in a critical situation here.

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Hi @David_Fielding,

I appreciate the feedback on our Forums page so that other users can also be guided on what to report and send us in case they are faced with issues on the app.

As per our email exchange, you requested for a CSV containing the deleted paths that can help your team to reconstruct the directory from the System Trash. I’ve emailed this to you and Dan. Let me know if you weren’t able to receive it. :slight_smile: