Files in several Google Drive folders are missed in original folder

Google Drive have feature for place one file into multiple Google Drive folders, this is like a hard links in native filesystems.

But InSync works with this feature wrong: it creates only one file in last folder, into that file is placed via Google Drive, so people see missing files in his local folders, that exists on Google Drive.

So, if user add new folder to file via Google Drive, InSync will remove this file from old folder, and make new file in new folder. After this user will lost the file from old folder in InSync, but will see it in Google Drive.

Especially this problem is large for teams: when one user of team shared folder make clone of this file in his private folder, it will lost this file in team shared place at InSync foder!

Can you fix this issue and manage Google Drive multiple folders feature as hardlinks in local filesystem, or, at least, as symlinks, or provide any other workaround?

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I saw this issue raised in an older thread before. Insync team is aware. They just haven’t gotten around to implement such feature yet. It’s probably going to take a while.

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For the record, on two of these posts about this issue it was commented as recently as 2019-03-24 that this is coming in Insync 3:

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