Use hard links for multiple folder placement (tag paths)

Google drive allows to place a file in multiple locations in the directory tree.
All synced systems for insync are on platforms which provide stable hard-links.
In order to save space and organise things better, I would love to have all locations synced, rather than just the first one.

Here is a description of the feature:

This feature also is not available with other clients and is worth paying for.

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For the record, on two of these posts about this issue it was commented as recently as 2019-03-24 that this is coming in Insync 3:

When will 3 be released?

Looks like this has not happened? I see V3.7.12 on my machine

Hi @jgsuess!

Thank you for reaching out. We have received requests to sync the shortcuts as actual files on your local computer ever since Google started deploying this change. While we understand the necessity of this feature, our investigation has hit a few roadblocks after discovering some complexities in the code.

This is currently shelved for now, but we will revisit the project in the near future. Thank you for understanding!

Would be good to document the issues that are blocking you. Otherwise it comes across as ‘no reason’.

I will raise this feedback to our engineers. Thank you @jgsuess :slight_smile:

Hi @jgsuess, I posted an update here: How do Drive Shortcuts are handled?