Files on Demand Please

I’ve seen requests like this with varying levels of clarity.

One of the great features of the OneDrive client is its Files on Demand functionality.

This shows all of your cloud drive holdings, in a replicated folder structure on your local drive, and with all the files listed as pointers. When you double click the file pointer, it syncs the file down, and executes upon completion.

In my opinion, this is literally the only way OneDrive on Windows is superior to Google Drive. If Insync were to enable this functionality, it would be wonderful. At this point I have to load up Insync, and browse my directory structure to see what to take local. To see it all, with status overlays that indicate “in the cloud” or “on the local device” would be truly amazing.


Thank you for sharing your feedback, @Auslander! :slight_smile: We have received a similar feature improvement for our file manager integration and I’ve sent this to our product team for review! :slight_smile:

Sorry to revive such an old thread but I am wondering if there were any progress or decision on this requested feature.
I could not find the information anywhere.

Hello and no worries! @karoltheguy files on demand is not yet a feature we’ve lined up for Insync, but I’m happy to forward this to our team.

What would be the goal you had in mind?

This is just to allow some files to be temporarily accessible locally until I am done with it for a while.
Our cloud storage are so large that we can’t always have everything locally, it doesn’t make sense.

Some files I won’t use for years, other I will use often.

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Thank you for letting me know, @karoltheguy! While this feature is not yet considered for development, users can view their files in the cloud via the app UI. When done accessing, you can unsync the files so that it doesn’t take up local storage. :slight_smile: