Files that don't exist stuck in sync


I had a process that started adding hundreds of thousands of files to a directory which was just over loading the sync process on my machine. In an effort to solve this issue I moved the directory which had the files off to another drive outside of the synch folder. Now those files are stuck in my progress queue and nothing is happening. No files since I moved that directory off either those that moved or other files in other directory have synced on this system since. My other system is just fine, new files sync to it and the directory that I removed is no longer there.

InSync 1.4.9
MacOS 10.11.6

The folder does not appear in this view that I can unsync the folder either.


Hi @jditoro3,

So what happened here is that you moving the directory all of a sudden caused Insync to “hang.” Since Insync was in the middle of trying to sync the directory, you moving it interrupted the process, and Insync can’t find a way to finish the process because the directory is now nonexistent in the original location.

You can try restarting your app by right-clicking on the Insync logo in your systray, quitting Insync, and then running the app again.

Might I recommend you update to our version 1.5.6 as well? You can access the installer here and learn more about the new UI here

Let me know if the solution above helps!


I knew restarting the program wouldn’t fix it because I had already been through a reboot. So I did try upgrading and thought it had fixed the problem. It came up and had no files queued and even did a proper sync on outstanding files that I know had change since my problem started. Then I got up this morning to this.


Is it following symlinks?