Files where removed from pc and doesn't sync any more



I have a teamDrive with some files full synced and they where synced for long time. But today when I want to use one of the files locally it wasn’t there, in the folder at least the 50% of files where missing. On drive the files are ok and are still there.

To see what happens:

  • check mising files with file explore type app
  • I enter the UI
  • go to TD section
  • navigate to the TD->folder (aka: problematic folder, PF) with the missing files
  • the UI shows that the folder is synced (green ticket icon)
  • open the folder (double click)
  • the ui list only the files and folders that are present locally
  • all diles that are present locally looks synced (green check icon)
  • after a few seconds, the ui start to show the not synced files
  • the PF now shanges to syncing status (blue refresh icon)
  • all files that are not synced shows teh same staus
  • status bar icon of insync blick from sync, to syncyng, to sync status
  • Nothing more happens, files are not synced, they are still showing the syncing status on the ui

This behaviour can be repeated if I close an reopen the app.

using arch x64
insync 1.5.1

WARNING: The new custom location sync will delete thousands of files from Drive

I have the same problem. Since v1.4.5 or something I guess…


I want to add:

  • I unsync the entire TD folder.
  • Regarding the pop saying that the local filer would be removed from my computer, they didn’t
  • just in case I rename the old TD local folder
  • Resync the entire TD folder to the default location
  • same behaviour

Does not keep Team Drive sub folders in sync since several weeks on Ubuntu 18.10

Thanks for sharing the info @nsanz. Tagging our engineer @Kurt_Ko to take a look at the issue. :slight_smile:


Hi, any update on this, is really annoying the issue. As a test I would like to resync my entire drive and teamdrive folders. How should I do proceed to do such thing?

also I want to add that update to the latest version and is still happens.


Hi @nsanz,

Sorry for the delay! Could you please send your log files to with the link to this post?

As a way to do a fresh sync:

  1. Remove your account
  2. Delete your Insync folder
  3. Quit Insync and run the latest version (1.5.3)
  4. Re-add your account


Latest linux version is “version” where can I found the 1.5.3?

Sending the log files to support.

  1. Delete your Insync folder

What folder shoul I delete? my synced folders, or a configuration folder saved in other place? both?


Sorry, the link should have been: New Insync version: 1.5.3 :sweat_smile:

Delete your synced folder (i.e. where your synced files are located such as C:\Users\myname\


Just update to 1.5.3, the bug still present, i will send the logs again with this version before resync all my files.


Bug still present on 1.5.4


Hi @JohaWeber

My apologies for the trouble. :confused: Could you send your latest log files to Please include the exact steps you took to try and troubleshoot/replicate this issue.

Thank you!

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