Does not keep Team Drive sub folders in sync since several weeks on Ubuntu 18.10



I’m a happy pro user but since several weeks I have terrible problems with synchronization. Insync just does not keep my files synchronized anymore. Many files in my Google Team drives that are not synced to my local hard drive.

I’m currently on Ubuntu 18.10 using the latest insync_1.5.5.37367-artful_amd64.deb

Somehow the Team Drive folder structure seems to not get synced anymore. When I open the Insync app and browse the Team Drive folder where I know there are more folders in the online Drive than are locally then magically the missing folders appear in the App folder structure and are subsequently downloaded. But they are not appearing automatically as they used to.

Use it mainly for work and it’s just not doing the one thing it was intended to do. It’s getting really frustrating. We are keeping documentation in Team Drive folders and locally many files are missing and it’s easy to make mistakes at work that way. Workaround for now is that I primarily look directly in the browser if any files might be missing just to not overlook any information available… which defeats the purpose of Insync completely.

Also had a massive problem to get Insync to rename a folder that had been renamed online. Had to move files around out of the broken folder to get files appear with the correct name offline again.

Maybe connected to the second bug is the third bug: I have a folder that gets locally saved as “Foldername (2)” which correctly is “Foldername” in Google Team Drive when browsing in the Google Drive web interface.


PS: More similar bug reports can be found in the forum. This one since September Files where removed from pc and doesn't sync any more (although at least for me it syncs folders after they are manually discovered in the insync app interface). Are you still working on this issue or is it a known issue that is currently not worked on?



Take a look on this: WARNING: The new custom location sync will delete thousands of files from Drive

It looks that thepause + other tasks have some troubles. Avoid pausing and I recommend starting a new sync (avoiding pauses), no more problems.

Anyway, insync team should repair this, is dangerous, and annoying.

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Hi @wolfi,

I apologise for the trouble it’s causing to your workflow! :frowning: Insync’s inability to reflect changes locally is a known issue (and any relation to file discrepancies) and I’ve escalated your case to our engineers. They’re currently investigating what’s causing this.

Could you send your log files to with the link to this post please? Thank you!


Thank you for your response.
I sent the logs.

Can you please tell me since when this is a known issue? I experienced this issue for several weeks before writing the forum post and from browsing the forum it seems to be an issue since autumn last year.

There are two main problems as a result: not only does this kill my productivity / workflow but also I am forced to pay for a subscription that does not deliver on what it promised.

I have great respect of your courage providing a service that handles user data, but with that courage comes responsibility to handle this data with utmost care. This seems like a worst case scenario - especially from what @nsanz is describing: manipulating/deleting user data in unexpected ways.

Please tell me if my assessment is wrong and your product is only to be used for unimportant data - then I might not be the right customer for your product.

Kind regards


I have the same problem since a while: insync is of no use right now