Files wont sync unless I open the folder

This is relatively new.

In the last few days Insync won’t passively sync. To get files “kickstarted” I have to open the Insync menu and expand the folder for each of our 4 accounts. At that point dozens of files instantly populate and download to my PC’s folders.

Is there a fix to this?

Hi @SVD,

We’ve had users report that files will only sync when they navigate the UI and this is being investigated by our engineers. Could you send your logs to with the link to this post? Please include your logs.db, out.txt, data folder, and live folder.

You can send a link to download if the files are too big as an attachment.


I’m having this issue as well. I have sent logs to support. I’d really appreciate any updates.

Same here, Insync for Linux 3.1.7. Any news on this?

Hi @guerlloy,

Could you remove and re-add your account and let me know if this issue persists? Please send your logs.db and out.txt files to with the link to this post.

Thank you!

I have same problem in Win10, and not only me.

I found this mostly when I move folders from one place to another.

May be team can add some sort of button or script to UI to refresh folders recursively?
I think it can simplify the routine of opening folders one by one. Just select folder in gdrive tree and click “Refresh”.

Well, I can’t do that. Let me explain you why, because that was the original reason for my new install.

I used to use the 1.5.2 version, because I had a “Plus” membership which expired. So I bought the “Prime” edition, and installed it over the same file structure, hoping it continue to sync from the same point it was (I have some 400 gb in GDrive).
But Insync started to duplicate files on the cloud. Somehow it’s algorithm determined the local files where different ones, and begun to upload file_a (2), file_b (2), etc. As soon as I saw that and before it turned into a complete disaster, I stopped and uninstalled the client, renamed the local root and let Insync download the entire cloud Gdrive again. It would be a few days downloading for half a terabyte, but it would be a one-time task and that would be it.

In this context I saw this odd behavior with the sync process stopping, the need to open the folders to sync, etc. Now you’re recommending uninstall and install the client… but the perspective of get again duplicates in the cloud it’s not very appealing, so I wouldn’t do that.

So far it downloaded like 250gb out of the 400gb, so I won’t start all over again just to try. As a comment, I can see it starts syncing sometimes for no apparent reason, maybe when it receives other Cloud updates that wakes the client up.


Hi @dmitriiad,

Could you also send your logs.db and out.txt files to We are going to re-investigate this issue as to why it persists in the latest release.

Hi @miamoran, thank you!

I sent files to support, and I can say I have this issue not only when I move files.
When other users upload files, insync may download new folders with files, but some of them will be missing or skipped. And only if I open certain folder directly in Insync, only then it will appear in my local drive.

Thats why I asked some button which will helps me expand all folders structure from choosen place.
May be implement this a little bit easier for your team and can help users until you will find a solution.

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