Finder integration?

What exactly is the finder integration (mac) supposed to do? I have the finder integration enabled on my mac (big sur) but i don’t see the traditional integration your used to with traditional cloud file sync programs (dropbox, onedrive, ect…). There is no favorite folder created. There are no icons on each file to show it has been synced, is syncing ect… The only thing i see is when i right click on a file and “Services–>Add To Insync”. Is that all there is? Screenshots would be helpful :slight_smile:

HI! Finder integration allows you to know that files are synced as indicated by a green check (or blue arrows if it’s still being synced). It’s interesting you mentioned there are no sync badges though! Could you try to disable and re-enable the finder integration, then restart Finder? Let me know if the sync badges show up.