First experience - shocked and extremely disappointed

Installed InSync, logged into google drive. Told Insync to sync my whole documents folder, it then asked me to select a google drive folder so I selected my “University” folder. It then somehow started syncing my Documents folder straight into my entire Drive and started downloading University folder into my laptop (not what I wanted, but I don’t mind - it was just a minor initial configuration mistake). So I went ahead to try and fix it, as any normal person would do: I paused sync, deleted the accidental upload of my Documents files into my google drive, resumed sync thinking I could just tell Insync to upload to a different sub-folder and it just started deleting all of my extremely important documents. Thankfully I had backed them up before trying this program and thankfully it seems to be a “soft” delete, but holy crap am I shocked. The fact that a program can so easily accidentally wipe an entire directory without EVER expressly asking for confirmation is -INSANE-.

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Hi @FluffyKoala,

Thank you so much for posting about your experience and my sincerest apologies for what happened. Some users have expressed this behavior (ie no confirmation when deleting directories) as a pain point and I have raised this feedback to our team.

Would you also need help understanding the initial setup better and how to configure your account upon adding it to the app?

As a test, I checked the native Google Drive integration on my Mac and found it operates the same: there is no notification that you’re deleting a folder. Seems like a warning would have to be done at the OS level and not necessarily something InSync could detect for the user.

Thank you @modembuddy for the additional insight!