First Time Sync Force Cloud as Master?

I have used Inysnc for years. I just set up a new computer and want to make Google Drive be the master for the first time sync (everything gets backed up to my local file system), assuming there is nothing locally in the Insync folder. I have screwed this up previously (but don’t remember what I screwed up). Is there anything I can do to make sure that I don’t wipe the Google Drive side to match my empty local file system?

Hi @Kenny_Schiff! Here are the steps I did to test your case:

  1. Created an empty folder on my local computer
  2. Started Insync and added my Google Drive account
  3. Selected that empty local folder as my sync location (Base Folder) during the setup
  4. Selected files to sync on the app
  5. Clicked “sync” on the bottom right

Files were synced to my computer as expected :slight_smile: