Fix for when Insync 1.5.1 fails to start


Hey everyone!

We’ve been getting reports that Insync fails to start when updating to 1.5.1. Instead of our initial fix of deleting libraries, you can download our latest builds below! :slight_smile:

Ubuntu 17.10/18.04
Ubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu 14.04
Fedora 25+
Debian 9
Debian 8
CentOS 7

Let us know if this works for you!

Insync causing curl error?

Is this such a good idea? How do you know that other applications aren’t using those libraries?

And why is this only a problem for the latest version of insync? These “old” graphics libraries don’t affect version 1.4.9

Mucking around with system libraries to accomodate one application strikes me as a really bad idea.