Folder not Removed Completely after Unsyncing

Hello, I’m having an error, every time I try to unsync a folder, saying that “To avoid data loss, the folder (…) was not removed completely…”, and I only have the option to “Dismiss” or “Move to trash bin”, but if I “move to trahs bin” it will delete the folder even from the cloud… The error is as shown on the image I attach below. Thank you.

Hello @Tiago_Lisboa!

Really sorry for not responding to this sooner.

Can you let me know if there are files in this folder that are still being synced? Is this issue still happening right now, even with 3.7.2?

Hello @mia!

No problem. Thank you for responding.

Has far as I know, no files in this folder where still being synced, as the folder wasn’t being used in some while.
And yes, I tried again and it still happened, on other folders, with version installed.


In that case, could you please send the logs.db and out.txt files to Please do include the link to this Forums post so I can easily trace it.

The 2 files are in ~/.config/Insync. If you can, please also attach the screenshot so we can refer to those folders when checking your log files. Thank you very much, @Tiago_Lisboa!