Folder partially synced despite nothing un-synced in folder

I have (want to have) everything from Google drive synced on my main computer. But from time to time, I see one of the partially synced yellow tick icons in various folders on insync. I have a bug report and a feature request:

  1. Bug report: Sometimes when I have the yellow tick (see image below), There is nothing unsynced in the files/folders inside that partially synced folder. See the protocolos_DEV/22/media folder in the image. There is nothing not synced, but the yellow tick signals otherwise:

To solve these situations, right now I have to click “Unsync (2-way sync)” in the folder, wait for the process to finish and then click “2-way sync”.

Of course, there are other instances when the yellow tick icon is working as expected (a file or folder actually unsynced somewhere in the folder hierarchy). But chasing down which specific file or folder is unsynced is not trivial.

  1. Feature request: When a folder is partially synced, it would be great to have a “2-way sync of any non-synced items in this folder and subfolders” button… This way, if for some reason I have unsynced folders or files somewhere below a folder, I can just click that, instead of the unsync/sync process, or the alternative which is chasing down which specific folder or file is unsync to manually click “2-way sync” to that specific file/folder.


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Hey @Gorka_Navarrete! Thank you so much for posting this.

It’s odd that the yellow tick is showing even if the files are all synced under that folder :thinking:

Could you let me know if media was partially synced at any point in time, and you recently synced everything (i.e., marked the non-synced files to 2-way sync)?

Hi @mia. Yes, it is very weird. In this computer I selected all the files and folders to be synced from the beginning, as I want it to have a full copy of everything always.

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Hmm, I see. We’ll look into this, @Gorka_Navarrete. Thank you for reporting!