Folders shared with me never download



I have a huge server with terabytes of files and some folders that external users shared with me are never synced.
These folders are inside my own folders and they are configured to download.
I think this is probably an bug because other folders that are not mine are downloaded, some of then are never downloaded.
I restarted the app and this not helped.
I checked the errors log, and there are nothing there.
So I’ve changed back to google drive and could download these folders with no problem.
This is critical and make me wonder if the sync system is trustful.



I just sent an email with the log file to
Notice that when I changed backup to google drive app, I unmounted the network drive and this maybe generated the final log errors, please, dis-consider that.



thanks @SuperUber, tagging our engineer @dipesh for reference


Hello there,

I had replied to your email. As mentioned there, we need the Insync databases to find out if the not-downloading-files have multiple parent folders on Google Drive.

For a file with multiple parents on Google Drive, Insync considers one of them as a “prime” parent for the purpose of syncing to the local file system and syncs them only under that parent. This is done to avoid data redundancy & inconsistency.

Under other parents, locally, we would like to solve the problem by creating links/shortcuts to the downloaded file/folder. However, we haven’t been able to accomplish this due to certain implementation roadblocks.



I’ve just sent you.



I also have ave the same problem. Typically my workflow is as follows:

Someone shares a folder with me to look at. By default it will not sync to my drive which is great. Then as desired I add the share or a subfolder of the share to my drive. At that point I expect it to sync but it never does. I have to go into the sync settings for the specific folder and disable and then re-enable syncing. Then it all works fine, but usually I’m scratching my head for a few minutes wondering where the files are.



I am having the same problem can someone provide me best solution for the problem. I tried doing it with the help of SoundCloud downloader refreshing it but it didn’t work out.