Force re-sync after windows 10 update?

Hi, I just upgraded to Windows 10. Insync is telling me it’s trying to sync 5263 files, I see it go down for like 10 seconds and then it goes back to 5263. Can it be stuck? Is there a way to just have it start from scratch? And how do I link a folder to an external drive instead of the folder where the rest of the google drive is mirrored to?

@rsmokin: Please send/share to us the compressed copy of the dbs folder present next to the logs.db file to


Hello @dipesh, I emailed you a link to the files on dropbox, haven’t heard back in days. The sync is still stuck, what can I do?

Hello @rsmokin

I have just replied to you email. Re: linking a particular folder to external drive. Do you mean a folder that already exists remotely on Google Drive so that it gets downloaded to an external drive rather than where the main Insync folder is? If so, unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.

Only those files/folders that were “added” locally to Insync using “Add to Insync”/symlinks/junction/aliases get sync’d to folders other than the main Insync folder.