Formal statement on Insync3 debacle needed

Since Insync3 was released, all information about the debacle has transpired in these forums, without any formal explanations from the Insync company as a whole. I believe that at this point customers deserve formal answers.

— Company mission: the company decided to make a switch to Insync3 while abandoning the earlier version. Maybe this sounded good on paper, but for users it has meant that Insync almost became a different company offering a suddenly inferior product. Insync3 brought more downgrades than upgrades, and brought tremendous software instability with it. Users who look at the website front page and never get to these forums wouldn’t know the complications currently going on.

— Product stability: My sense is that the “old” Insync was essentially two products: insync-headless with its excellent command line and scripting capabilities, and the insync gui which was up to par or above competitors. The decision that would have led to more stability for users (this is, after all, what users need as much as functionality) would have been to divide the product line into two programs: insync-headless (with continued development of an excellent CLI application) and insync-gui (with all the added features you all sought in version 3). Instead the headless version was abandoned before the new gui version was truly ready. Now customers have to try and make an abandoned CLI application work without sufficient assistance from the company, or risk stepping into the Alice in Wonderland that is Insync3. Brand new users are all stepping into Insync3 without awareness of the larger issues, and I doubt that this is in Insync’s long term interests.

— Transparency: At this point, I think what would be fairest to customers is for the company as a whole, formally and on their main website rather than the forums, to state what their vision is as of today. Shall version 3 alone be the path? Have any mistakes been made? Have the reasons for any mistakes been identified? Shall a headless version be revived? And etc.

Thanks very much. The company used to have a great product, and it would be good to know if there is a plan for one (or two) again.


Well said. I trusted InSync to have developed a product that worked as well as the old one. I just posted another thread about now having zero trust in the product. I have used InSync for about 6 years!


Silence so far from the company on this request for a response. They have “Happiness Ambassadors” at Insync, but maybe they don’t deal well with mass unhappiness among their paying customer base?

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I bought two licenses but after the “debacle” I’m no using anymore. My use scenario is complicated: Linux and MacOS with case sensibility, and Windows10 without. After starting having issues I’ve decided to go to beta and try to find the solution. ERROR, I lost part of my files and works … I really consider not using the software after they go to a real stable solution.


I can’t help but think this whole v3 debacle will sink this company. I was such a HUGE fan of insync and loved it so much I raved about it all the time. Great company, great product, great service, worth every penny … but v3, and it;s caused me so much endless grief on every system I use it I have all but completely given up on isync and Google Drive.

On my windows box it just won’t connect at all with no sensible diagnostics and no resolution forthcoming. On my Linux machine just stupid errors and endless syncing status.


The product WAS great, now it’s garbage. Utterly disappointed. Only reason I bought it initially was linux support, headless support and raspberry pi support. Now that’s largely gone. It crashes constantly, I have to restart it multiple times to upload files if I have many at all. I’ve also noticed my computer is unstable when it’s running. It’s a shame it was a pretty great syncing app, not anymore.


Since version it seems working OK on my Linux system, but the problems start when I want to sync my Windows PC with my Linux system. Insync just replaced my newer files with the older ones from my Windows system and I lost a lot of work. Lucky I always make several back-ups on other systems.

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I do not understand why Insync guys did not respond so far, but this behavior is very typical. Just see any thread on this forum.

So there is no formal statement at all regarding all terrible issues reported here. Very disappointing … ???

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Hello everyone,

We issued a statement regarding Insync 3 which you can read here.