Forum: cannot login via Google account: time difference between servers (for investigation)

I was used to log in the forum via Google account. This is no longer possible - the Discourse instance refuses to log me in after authenticating with Google. The reason si reported as too large time difference between servers. I had to do a password reset to regain access to the forum.

Same for me. I used my Github account instead.

This is the exact error:

Unable to verify authorization token due to server clock differences. Please try again.

Hey guys! Seems like this has been reported to my colleague as well. We’ve notified our web team regarding the issue and they’ve updated us that a fix has been deployed.

Do keep us posted if the issue persists, @nop_head and @peci1!

Thanks mia. However, I’m still seeing the same error.

Same problem here. So I created a new account to post another issue (see Insync stuck on scanning folder, although downloading continues).

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I have the same problem. I am the one who reported the problem to Mara, through another channel.
I have been able to log into this site now by using my GitHub account (as suggested by @nop_head), but trying with Google is still giving the same error.

Hey @Cris70, @peci1 and @kristofmulier! Thank you for letting me know that the issue persists.

I’ll have this one checked further.

Still persists…

I got around this by doing a password reset which allowed to me to login without Google.

Hey @RobinJ1995,

Thanks for bumping this. I can confirm I’m going through the same issue when I try to login using Google auth. I’ll follow this up :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried Google login and it works now.

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