Frustration with 1.5.7 on Ubuntu 19.10

Having a very frustrating time here.

History: had v1.5.7 running fine on Deepin, syncing two Google accounts—one a free grandfathered GSuite, another a GSuite Education account, all working fine on an old Plus account.

Had a change of laptop (leased through work), but with the new hardware Deepin would not recognise the wireless adapter. So after trying a few releases, settled on Ubuntu 19.10 as it worked flawlessly with the new hardware. So, after setting it up, I’ve been trying to get Insync working.

Installation of completes with no error messages, but then it will not start. When I try to start it via the command line, I get “connection errors” from Python. Insync just will not start. I considered using v3 of Insync, installed it, but of course my Plus account will not work with v3. I’m not convinced I need everything in v3, as 1.5.7 was fulfilling my needs perfectly.

I tried running insync-headless as a process on my laptop, as I’m running something similar on my Raspberry Pi as a backup for Google Drive. Unfortunately, it kept ending up in an ERROR state, and I think suspending when the lid is shut affected the insync process.

I’m now at a loss. I’m really looking to install 1.5.7 on Ubuntu 19.10, but it just does not work. (I’ve also tried 1.5.5 and 1.5.1 with exactly the same result.) Is there any way that anyone has successfully managed to get 1.5.7 running on Eoan Ermine?

Hi @davethemoviejunkie,

Thank you for this feedback and my apologies for the trouble. I understand your frustration and would feel the same way if I get stuck trying to get Insync to work! :frowning:

To provide further context, the latest Ubuntu build for 1.5.7 is Ubuntu 18.04. When we released Insync 3, Ubuntu 19.04 was also released around the same time. This explains why you are unable to use Insync 1.5 for Eoan Ermine.

Can you send an email to and include the two Google accounts you have? Please link this post as well. I will send you further instructions regarding your account. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi there. I did as your post suggested, but the only reply I have received is that this will be put under “heavy consideration” for the next builds … which doesn’t actually help me much in the meantime :roll_eyes: Will this be looked at for the next LTS release of Ubuntu, 20.04?