Full folder deleted without user interaction

This morning, I turned on my computer, let insync (3.3.10) make the initial scanning, and after a while saw an alert telling me that a particular subfolder (insyncroot/RESEARCH/SHARED/FOLDERX/) could not be deleted because it had some files in it.

It surprised me because I did not do anything in the computer, or in that particular subfolder.

When I went to the folder containing that subfolder (insyncroot/RESEARCH/SHARED/), about 20 other subfolders had disappeared from the computer (~ 7GB of files). I went to google drive, and the ~20 subfolders were still there, and there was nothing in the “Activity” tab. I went to the computer trash, and it seems all the disappeared folders were there. I opened a different computer where the main folder is synched, and saw everything was there (I closed insync on that computer, just in case). I restored the files from the trash, and to my surprise, all the folders everything is being restored in a different place (insyncroot/SHARED/), while the original place (insyncroot/RESEARCH/SHARED/) is full of empty folders.

As you might imagine, this is very unsettling.

Maybe not related, but when I installed insync 3.3.10 a few days ago, suddently the insyncroot folder was filled with lots of subfolders and files from other places. They were from a .git/ subfolder and similar files and folders, so I did not think much of it (it had happened before after installing some previous insync version).

Also, not sure if relevant, but just in case, my “insyncroot” is not ~/Insync/ , but ~/myemail@gmail.com/

Hi @Gorka_Navarrete,

Thank you so much for walking me through what happened, and my apologies for the huge trouble.

I got your email containing the log files-- I will send this to our engineers for further investigation and will update you accordingly.