Full sync of a shared GDrive folder



I have a heavily used GDrive shared folder. I’ve just realized all the resources I created ared synced to my computer but not my colleagues one’s. I want the full folder.

And yes, I’ve activated the «sync new children» checkbox.

I’m sure I’m mising something, on GDrive or Insync side, but don’t remember what.

Any indication, please?

Using 1.4.5 in Fedora Linux


Hi @olea,

Were the files shared by your colleague added before or after you enabled sync new children? :slight_smile:


Before, I guess :-m



Hi @olea,

I see. :slight_smile: So just to confirm, even after you’ve enabled the setting, any new file from your colleague does not get automatically synced?


Yes, now that works, but what I can’t figure out is how to download the previous files he created and now I can’t sync.

I didn’t tried to unsync and sync again the folder bc not sure if I could lost data.


Hi @olea, just right-click the files he previously sent you and select “Sync”. A blue badge with arrows means syncing is in progress, whereas green checks mean sync is complete. :slight_smile: Let me know if you’re still having trouble.