Gdlinks not working

Hello, I have a shared drive folder shared with me, I put a shortcut to it in one of my Google Driver personal folders. insync creates a gdlink on my local disk of this folder. By clicking on the link, the browser redirects me to Google Drive, but instead of seeing the folder on Google Drive, it says “preview unavailable”. This seems to be due to the fact that insync interprets the link as a link to a file, rather than a directory.

I am using insync 3.3.10 on Fedora 34 (the issue was there also with 3.3.8 and 3.3.9 and previous versions of Fedora, although I don’t think the OS has anything to do with it).

Hi @Marco_Calautti,

To confirm what’s going on, is it the shortcut that only shows the “preview unavailable”? Are you still able to access the actual folder online?

Yes, I can access the folder without any issues, via the gdrive webpage. It simply is that the gdlink lets my browser open a bad url. If it can help, it is a shared folder on a shared drive.

Thanks for walking me through the setup, @Marco_Calautti! This seems to be related to this feature request: Downloading files that gdlink shortcuts point to and Google Drive - "Add to my Drive" was replaced by "Add shortcut to Drive"

I’d be happy to add this use case to the feature request and forward it to our Product team. :slight_smile: