Gentoo Packages missing, manual not working

Hi, I am using gentoo linux. As there are no packages I downloaded the rpm-packages, “unzipped” them and copied manually the files to /usr/. Its not a los :wink:

I can start the client, I am directed to a brwoser, the google-connection is instablished and it stops logging into insync.

I tried both, the manual way by copying the google-link, open browser, paste, and copy the created text-string back into the insync-gui window. It does not login either.

What can I do? Does anybody know a working package?

I have Gentoo-Linux, Kernel 4.14.156, gcc 7.3, glibc 2.29, pyhton 2.7 and 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 are available.

Would be nice to get it work, as I need to sync ma files to google-drive as in windows.


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Hi Alexander,

I believe we’ve spoken via email already. :slight_smile: Our engineer will test this on a Gentoo machine and I’ll update you accordingly. Thank you!