Getting everything to sync

I have a pretty simple use case and setup. I have one Google Drive with a phone and two computers. I was using 1.5 with no issues. It would sync quickly and proficiently and keep everything up to date from my machines. Now, after updating to 3.0 it simply does not do that. I’ve had to manually go in and uncheck then recheck files to get the to sync. Now, I have moved some files to another drive on one computer, and I’m having to re-download all of the files. What is the deal with that? Moving stuff to the trash because it was moved into a different path shouldn’t be a thing.

Unless you need MS one drive or have an OS that isn’t supported by v1.5.7 there really isn’t a need to update to v3. It’s weird how we’re so conditioned now to want the latest versions of everything. It’s almost like FOMO. In this case, I’d go with ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and stick with what works. But if you have to use v3 then I’d recommend adding the accounts as new rather than choosing to upgrade/migrate existing accounts. This seems to solve many issues but insync will resync all your files which may or may not be something you’re willing to do.

Regarding losing files, if you move files that are being synced by insync to folders outside of locations being synced by insync, then insync removes them from the synced devices. This is the expected behavior. Does your reported issue differ from what I’ve described?

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Well, I upgraded because that was the version pushed in the repositories. There wasn’t any kind of warning given with it. That being said, I just want to know what options / settings need to be set so that I can be assured that my files will sync appropriately.

That makes sense. The default settings in V3 should come set appropriately upon install. There aren’t many options, just make sure the box is checked for sync root items and sync children of unsynced folders.

I recommend you go back to v1.5.7 if you can. Based on everything I read here, it’s going to be a while before v3 is on par reliability wise with 1.5.7. Which seems to be even more so with Linux versions compared to Windows. If that’s not an option, as I said previously, a fresh installation with accounts added as new rather than trying to migrate from past versions to v3 should solve some issues. v3.0.28 has only been out a few days so it’s hard to know which issues are solved and if there are new issues. But I can pretty much guarantee you’ll have other issues with v3 until insync gets further along with development. Make sure you back up your data.