Gnome 3.26 Legacy Tray removal



so, the system Tray has been removed in Gnome 3 now. All the bleeding edge users cannot see their status anymore and the rest will follow soon:

The Gnome team has been planning on adding support directly to the filemanager, which is an awesome Idea IMO:

Will we see insync take this opportunity soon? Because I like my Gnome as clean and clear as possible, so I want to avoid “topicons” etc. (also, it does not really work well). Currently, I’m flying blind :slightly_frowning_face:.

Hoping for a positive answer :slight_smile: .



@Holger_Sontag Thanks for the heads up. The file manager integration for cloud services looks really promising and we’ll keep our eye on that, but can’t make any promises at the moment :slight_smile:

Do the topicons / Appindicator extensions work on GNOME 3.26 (have you tried either)? In any case, we might also consider developing an Insync GNOME extension if there is enough demand for it (another Insync user had previously asked about that possibility as well).



thank you, please do so, integration would be absolutely perfect! I also think that that is the true future.

Well, TopIcons Plus kinda works, but its a bit buggy. The icon vanishes from time to time. It works for checking every now and then, but it is not a good permanent solution.



Yes please, consider libcloudproviders for your linux version


I’d definitely appreciate it too. Topicons and Topiconsplus still works on Gnome 3.18, which is bundled with Gnome Ubuntu 16.04 but it’s imperfect and, as mentioned, would better use Gnome-integrated tools.


Debian Unstable user here, and got gnome-shell 3.26 topiconsplus doesn’t show the insync icon at all.


I would appreciate integration with the new filemanager as well.


None of the Gnome extensions seem to work for Insync for me for some reason (they do work ~ok with other software like Discord and streamlink-twitch-gui). I use Conky and ended up just adding Insync to my config (why haven’t I done that before?) which seems like an OK solution. It doesn’t allow me to actually control my syncs, but I’m usually more concerned about my status and can do the syncing manually through the CLI.

Still, thanks for at least considering the different options, it would be nice to have some sort of a graphical way of using Insync even after the removal of the legacy tray.


Just chiming in here; I’m a Debian unstable user and it would be great to have a graphical interface again.


I recently updated to GNOME 3.26 and neither TopIcons Plus nor KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support work with InSync; I have thus no graphical way to interact with your app. I would love a dedicated extension or a functioning indicator.



I would also appreciate the integration with the new cloud-api.
In the meantime i wrote a very simple gnome-shell-extension that shows the current sync status of insync. It can be found here:
Unfortunatly there seems to be no way to open the ui from command line. Therefore i can not add that to the extension.
This is my first gnome-shell-extension, so it might not be the most elegant thing in the world, but it works for me.


I’ve the same problem!


The top bar indicator seems to work now with the current version of TopIcons plus – not sure if a change was made to Insync or the extension, but I’m happy nevertheless.


Having the same issue here on a fresh Fedora 27 install :frowning:

Here’s some background on the issue. Please add GNOME integration using the new APIs!


I’m using Ubuntu 17.10 and I can’t see insync. I’ve used the default Ubuntu extension as well as TopIcons plus and KStatusNotifierItem and none of them work. They actually don’t really work with any of the apps I use.
Can you guys do something about it? In less than 4 months a new Ubuntu LTS will be released, and a lot of users won’t be able to interact with your app.
Waiting for the cloud API sounds great, but we kind of need a solution for today… Otherwise, how can I interact with you app right now?


Hello everyone, we will be investigating solutions to this issue soon, we’re terribly sorry for the delay!


Insync icon (version 1.3.22) in GNOME 3.26 (Ubuntu GNOME 17.10) with Ubuntu appindicator extension doesn’t show SYNCED (green check icon) or SHARE status. It works fine with TOP ICON extension.


I’m running Fedora 27 with the TopiIcons Plus extensions and the only issue I’ve had is that the Insync icon does not show when I first login. If I quit the Insync process and re-start the icon shows up and works as expected.


Hi, I Have the same problem in Fedora 27 (Gnome). When I need to see the status I have to use “insync show” in the command but is not very comfortable. I’ll appreciate if the team can solve this.


I paused my sync before the upgrade and now I cannot get to a graphical screen to unpaused and fix where I want things synced.