Google Drive - "Add to my Drive" was replaced by "Add shortcut to Drive"

Google backup and Sync stopped syncing newly shared directories between the computer and the Drive, because “Add to my Drive” was recently replaced by “Add shortcut to Drive” for personal accounts too. Shared directories are not any more stored on the target Google Drive, therefore syncing to the computer is not possible. Do you know whether Insync applications can sync these directories between the computer and Google Drive?

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Yeah, they show up as shortcuts for me. I have A LOT of folders that were added as shared folders; so suddenly these will not download to my machine. I can still manually sync items that are “Shared with me” but have to do so manually.

This is bad news.

Any news on this important feature?

When will this feature released ? It’s starting to be annoying not being able to manage these folders … Thanks.

Hi @Federico_Baraldi,

I understand how this is affecting your workflow. Let me follow this up with our engineers. :slight_smile: